Orange bubble with One tonne of CO2 written on it

Giant carbon bubble to tour Staffordshire

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A huge bright orange ‘carbon bubble’ is set to tour Staffordshire to help businesses and residents learn more about climate change.

The 10-metre bubble installation, which will ‘float’ through the county this summer, will help people visualise what a tonne of carbon looks like and how their daily activities can impact emissions.

Local council climate change teams will also be on hand to offer advice and tips to help people understand what they can do to reduce their own carbon footprint. Residents will also be asked to pledge to do one small thing to help Make Staffordshire Sustainable. 

Simon Tagg, Cabinet Member for Climate Change and the Environment at Staffordshire County Council, said: “Latest figures show that Staffordshire creates about 5.8 million tonnes of carbon each year and the average resident produces about 5.3 tonnes annually.

“Having the giant bubble to help people visualise what a tonne of carbon looks like is a great way of raising awareness and getting people talking about the issue and what we can do to help tackle it. 

“People got a glimpse of the bubble last year when it visited Stafford, and we hope by taking it to other towns it will get people talking.” 

The carbon bubble will be transported to locations using electric vehicles and inflated using generators which run on 100 per cent renewable materials. 

Earlier this year, the County Council and Staffordshire’s eight district and borough councils formed the Staffordshire Sustainability Board to develop and deliver joint carbon reductions initiatives across the county.

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