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Welcome to a brand-new business news service for Staffordshire

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Welcome to Daily Focus, a new business news service for Staffordshire delivered to tens of thousands of inboxes every weekday morning.

Daily Focus is a joint venture between Staffordshire Chambers of Commerce and creative agency i-creation, whose team of journalists will make all the content.

Sara Williams, CEO, Staffordshire Chambers

It will be delivered by email to businesses in the county, Monday to Friday, by 08:30. We’ve built the biggest daily b2b audience in Staffordshire, which makes Daily Focus the only vehicle to reach businesses, every day, with news of products, services, events and advice.

The local media landscape has changed so much and continues to change. That’s why we asked local businesses how they wanted to receive local business news. We also asked them what was missing.

They clearly told us a regular, focused, authoritative business news service was important to their business and to our county.

We are filling that gap with a daily business news service that’s constructive and which champions our area and its successes.

Where appropriate we’ll be calling for action, campaigning and asking some questions our readers want us to ask.

Nigel Pye, Head of Creative and Daily Focus Editor, i-creation

To contact the news desk, you can email the Daily Focus team on news@daily-focus.co.uk or send a message via our ‘contact’ section.   And to subscribe to the mail out version of the daily news service, press the ‘sign up here’ button on the left-hand-side of this website or scroll down to the ‘join newsletter’ section at the bottom of the page.

We look forward to your input!

Sara Williams, CEO of Staffordshire Chambers

Nigel Pye, Head of Creative and Daily Focus Editor, i-creation

Andy Jackson

Senior journalist and PR professional with just under 40 years’ experience. Andy’s investigated for and written for every national newspaper, many magazines and most broadcasters. He’s also handled strategic PR, crisis management and media relations for major NHS and private sector organisations. He grew up in Stoke-on-Trent and is an advocate for Staffordshire business. “Our county deserves Daily Focus,” he said.

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