Chocolate bars from Cocoa Creations
Chocolate bars from Cocoa Creations... made with sustainably-sourced ingredients.

Ethical choc-makers launch sweet range for Christmas

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An ethical chocolate business run by an environmentally conscious couple has launched a range of truffles in time for Christmas – with a nod to the festive spirit. 

Cocoa Creations in Stafford was set up by Rachel Costello and Ian Wilson when they decided to pursue their passion for all things sweet-toothed.  

They use responsibly sourced and sustainably farmed chocolate to create a range of treats including bars, fudge and truffles. 

Their latest venture is to create “wintry flavour” truffles flavoured with brandy, whisky, cognac, amaretto and spiced rum for sale at seasonal shows and fairs. 

The couple both changed the direction of their careers to study the art of the chocolatier and they are grateful to Staffordshire Chambers of Commerce for general business support and advice on funding.  

“It was great to be able to tap into their knowledge, they helped us immensely with the direction of our business and by keeping our feet on the ground,” said Ian. 

“Our aim is to be as ethical as possible, growing our company in a financially and environmentally responsible way while using fair trade chocolate and recyclable packing.”  

Cocoa Creations is set to launch a vegan range in January which includes vegan milk chocolate and uses plant-based cream. All decorations and flavourings will be vegan-friendly. 

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