Man stood with thermal road repair machine
David Williams with the patching machine.

Smoother journeys for business commuters?

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Business commuters could have smoother journeys to work thanks to road repair trials carried out by Staffordshire County Council’s highways teams.

An innovative patching machine which heats up the road and allows maintenance to be carried out in extremely cold weather has been tested in the south of the county.

The Thermal Road Repairs machine uses thermal technology and solar power to bring the temperature to more than 400 degrees C.

Crews can then re-lay the surface and add bitumen where needed, recycling existing tarmac to reduce waste and benefit the environment.

“This was just one of the many innovative machines we will be trialling this year, to make our road repairs more efficient and enable us to do more during the winter months,” said Staffordshire County Council Cabinet Member for Highways and Transport David Williams.

“We’re always on the lookout for new technology that helps our highways crews work smarter and makes the most out of our budget.”

Andy Jackson

Senior journalist and PR professional with just under 40 years’ experience. Andy’s investigated for and written for every national newspaper, many magazines and most broadcasters. He’s also handled strategic PR, crisis management and media relations for major NHS and private sector organisations. He grew up in Stoke-on-Trent and is an advocate for Staffordshire business. “Our county deserves Daily Focus,” he said.

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