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Charter aims to reduce violence against women and girls

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A rallying call has gone out to businesses to sign up to a charter which will help prevent and reduce violence against women and girls across the Staffordshire. 

A recent survey found that 67 per cent of females have experienced harassment, intimidation or violence in a public place. The survey also showed that 92 per cent of women feared walking down subways or alleyways, and 90 per cent feared walking in poorly lit areas in the night-time economy.

Now, Staffordshire and Stoke-on-Trent’s Violence Reduction Alliance (VRA) is encouraging all businesses and organisations operating in the county to work together to reduce violence against women and girls in public spaces and to improve feelings of safety in the day and at night, including in the night-time economy.

The Safer Places for Women and Girls Charter is a voluntary pledge to show that organisation are ready to get proactive in improving women and girl’s safety and experience.

As part of the Safer Places for Women and Girls Charter an online interactive toolkit has been developed.

This interactive resource will assist businesses in meeting the six commitments of the Charter as well as signpost them to best practice, information and other useful resources.

To complement the Charter, the VRA is working with local training provider Re-Solv to develop a range of free training resources relating to vulnerability, particularly in the night time economy. 

This includes an on-line 30-minute induction video, face-to-face training and a series of webinar sessions for those that are unable to commit to the full training in one session. 

Many of the resources are available on the VRA website or by contacting ssvra@staffordshire-pfcc.gov.uk .

For further information about the Charter or for more details about other VRA initiatives contact naomi.smith@staffordshire-pfcc.gov.uk.

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